Text Box: Cholodin® is the original choline-loading dietary supplement formulated 
For geriatric dogs.  It is a natural product containing choline, amino acids, 
vitamins and minerals and is available in both chewable tablets and in 
powder form.
Cholodin®-Fel has been developed for geriatric cats and contains the same important nutrients as Cholodin plus taurine and an enhanced 
flavor base.

Text Box: Occasionally, geriatric dogs and cats can display clinical signs unexplainable by a specific pathological diagnosis.  The symptoms may include:
             Lethargy and reduced awareness of surroundings
             Poor coat—excessive shedding or thin, dry coat
             Chronic constipation or fecal incontinence
             Inappropriate urination
             Poor appetite—animal eats too little to maintain an adequate body weight
             Poor mental acuity

Text Box: As pets (and people) age, their brains may receive less oxygen due to decreased blood flow and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Microscopically, these pets have the same plaque in the brain and its blood vessels as people with Altzeimer’s. Decreased levels of certain brain chemicals (serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine) may also contribute to the disorder in dogs and occasionally cats.

Text Box: For dogs experiencing joint and muscle pain, additional supplementation with Hyaluronan may be required.  As dogs age, a reduction in the body’s natural hyaluronan levels may occur. Cholodin®-Flex tablets contain all of the beneficial nutrients found in Cholodin, plus it contains  the recommended level of hyaluronic acid.  CholoGel™Oral is a liquid product which  can be applied directly on to the food and contains oligomer multiplexes of hyaluronan that is absorbed orally.





















Cholodin - 50 tablets

Cholodin - 180 tablets

Cholodin - 500 tablets

Cholodin Fel - 50 tablets

Cholodin Flex - 60 tablets

CholoGel - 100 ml